Step1. Visit the site and login the registered account.

Step2. Choose the items and add to the cart

Step3. Fill in the order information in your cart .Select the deliver mode and payment method


Step4.Click “clickhere” on the page of "thanks" to check the order delivery statusAfter the payment completed.


Step5. Enter “My Account”page,choose the way you want to get the coins by listing player or comfort trade

Step5.1 Procedures of getting players

Step5.1.1 Click "get coins" to enter the page of searching player

Step5.1.2、Input the information of player name, starting price, buy now price, and click on "FIND MY PLAYER" to select the player.Please pay attention to the player's remaining time, make sure you choose the right player. Our sitedon’t take any responsibility for the wrong player buying caused by the customers’ personal mistakes.


Step5.1.3 Make sure the player is the one you list, and continue searching the player according to the reminding.

Step5.1.4 、After searching the player you choose, go back to the account page and wait kindly for the automatic delivery.

5.1.5、When the order is done, check your account, and order status showscompleted. If you have any other questions, please contact the live chat.



Step5.2 Procedures of comfort trade

Step5.2.1Click“get coins” in the comfort trade page


Step5.2.2After fill in the information in comfort trade page, then login and confirm submitting the account information.



Step5.2.3We will deliver it as soon as we possible. You can check the delivery status in “my account”. Please Wait patiently.

Step5.2.4、When the order is done, check your account, and order status shows completed. if you have any other questions,please contact the live chat